Tatsushi Takeuchi

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In this paper, we propose a tangible tabletop interface that can identify individual users using digital and physical objects. In environments in which multiple users are participating, the system can provide user-adaptive information regarding both digital and physical objects, and can record and utilize the operation history for individual users. Using(More)
This paper describes a system called DiamondTheater that supports creative activities in theater using a tabletop tangible interface. This system is used to aid in the planning of certain aspects of theater production, such as actor positioning, and sound and lighting cues. Without having some considerable experience in production, it is difficult to create(More)
Circadian rhythms, which are observed in most of living things, e.g. bacteria, fungi, plants, and animals, are self-sustained oscillations with about 24 hours period, and have the following properties: The first property is that the oscillation is entrained by light/dark cycles; the second one is that the oscillation, especially the period of the(More)
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