Tatsuro Matsumoto

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The importance of developing a support system for medical decision-making in the clinical field has been pointed out in order to improve accuracy and objectivity of the judgment of clinician, and to detect early the disease. Various attempts on clinical diagnosis support have been done in the literature, e.g. rule-based production system, analysis of ECG or(More)
This paper proposes modeling of human behavior and a method of finding irregular human behavior. Initial experimental results demonstrated usefulness of proposed model and method. Firstly, by analyzing human behavior based on observation of human habitual life, it is shown that human behavior can be regarded as probabilistic finite automata. Then a method(More)
Users employing smartphones typically combine multiple applications to perform their tasks. It would be possible to be recommended the appropriate applications by acquiring the contexts of users who perform such tasks. And the contexts are composed by the relationship of applications used in the tasks. We present an algorithm that extracts the relationship(More)
In order to reduce people's workload of looking for valuable information from a large amount of available information, recommendation systems, task management systems, and so on are attracting considerable attention. Such systems are expected to allow easy access to information under the current work context. In the development of these systems, how to(More)
The primary goal of this paper is to provide a comparative assessment to the two cases where different criteria are used in joint user minimum mean squared error (JU MMSE) spatial filtering in wireless relay networks in the presence of unknown interference. In the relay networks, even though multiple access coding (MAC) has been proposed at the first time-(More)
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