Tatsuro Konagaya

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A key determinant of the intensity of sexual selection acting on a trait is how variation in that trait is related to variance in reproductive success of individuals. This connection compels efforts to assess lifetime mating number and how it varies among individuals in a population. In the Lepidoptera, female mating success can be assessed relatively(More)
Autumn-morph adults of the Japanese Common Grass Yellow, Eurema mandarina (de l’Orza), overwinter with reproductive diapause, while the summer-morph adults do not. A low temperature and short photoperiod induce autumn-morph adults. Because of different critical photoperiods between the sexes, the summer-morph males coexist with the autumn-morph adults in(More)
The role of apyrene sperm in monandrous species after sperm migration to the spermatheca has not been studied, though in polyandrous species these sperm reduce re-mating receptivity. We studied the relationship between apyrene sperm numbers and age, mating history, and fecundity in females of the monandrous pipevine swallowtail butterfly, Battus philenor(More)
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