Tatsuo Nakane

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In general, male butterflies can mate repeatedly if given the chance, while female butterflies mate once or a few times at most (Rutowski 1984). Thus, males must invest much time and energy to obtain a receptive mate, preferably a freshly emerged virgin. It has been reported in Heliconius erato that males locate female pupae using an olfactory cue and(More)
Rights: © 1999 American Physical Society (APS). This is the accepted version of the following article: Karppinen, Maarit & Yamauchi, H. & Fujinami, K. & Nakane, T. & Peitola, K. & Rundlöf, H. & Tellgren, R. 1999. Ca-substitution and O-doping effects in superconducting Cu(Ba0.8Sr0.2)2(Yb1-xCax)Cu2O6+z obtained from neutron diffraction refinements. Physical(More)
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