Tatsuo Miyakawa

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This paper describes the application of experimental design techniques to optimize a sensitive ELISA for a hapten molecule with a calibration range of 0-1000 pg/ml. Ten factors that were expected to affect the assay performance were initially screened, followed by factorial experiments to delineate the effects of the critical factors identified at the(More)
Assessment of analytical variability is recognized as an important factor for the establishment of specifications. Estimation of the variance for an analytical procedure can be accomplished using a variety of approaches. The approach of variance component analysis was applied retrospectively, as well as prospectively, to estimate analytical variance. The(More)
The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) has been studying Space Solar Power Systems (SSPS) since 1998. To achieve 1GW-class SSPS, a power transmitting subsystem on a square kilometer scale is required for microwave power transmission (MPT). Consequently, it is crucial to construct a number of transmitting modules in the power transmitting subsystem,(More)
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