Tatsunori Ikemoto

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OBJECTIVE Metastatic bone pain is characteristic of cancer pain and is a form of refractory cancer pain, as the pain includes not only nociceptive but also neuropathic pain. Although some drugs are effective in the management of painful bone metastases, pain while moving is one of the most refractory forms of pain. Although pulsed radiofrequency (RF)(More)
OBJECTIVE To characterize the effect of focal compression by threshold tracking and other excitability measures of human median motor axons. METHODS We conducted a sequence of excitability studies using a software written in BASIC (QTRAC version 4.0, (c)Institute of Neurology, London, UK, with multiple excitability protocol TRONDXM 2) in 24 healthy(More)
The present study investigated neural correlates of affect processing in allodynia patients (n=8) and healthy controls (n=12) with the aid of virtual tactile stimulation. Whole brain functional magnetic resonance imaging was performed for allodynia patients and healthy volunteers while they were shown a video demonstrating light stimulation of the palm and(More)
In the management of clinical low back pain (LBP), actual damage to lower back areas such as muscles, intervertebral discs etc. are normally targeted for therapy. However, LBP may involve not only sensory pain, but also underlying affective pain which may also play an important role overall in painful events. Therefore we hypothesized that visualization of(More)
Long-term immobilization by casting can occasionally cause pathologic pain states in the immobilized side. The underlying neurophysiological mechanisms of immobilization-related pain are not well understood. For this reason, we specifically examined changes of calcitonin gene-related peptide (CGRP) expression in the dorsal root ganglion (DRG), spinal dorsal(More)
Psychological factors are known to play an extremely important role in the maintenance and development of chronic pain conditions. However, it is unclear how such factors relate to the central neural processing of nociceptive transmission in healthy individuals. To investigate this issue, the activation of the brain was studied in 30 healthy volunteers(More)
BACKGROUND Chronic pain is a major problem because it can result in not only a reduction in activities of daily living and quality of life but also requires initiation of social assistance. Seeking only to eliminate pain itself would appear to be too narrow an objective, in addition to often being unachievable; therefore, a multifaceted, comprehensive(More)
BACKGROUND Chronic pain is recognized as a public health problem that affects the general population physically, psychologically, and socially. However, there is little knowledge about the associated factors of chronic pain, such as the influence of weather, family structure, daily exercise, and work status. OBJECTIVES This survey had three aims: 1) to(More)
Contralateral thalamus, the place of termination of spinothalamic tract, is affected in patients with pain. We employed single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) to evaluate the thalamic perfusion in patients with spontaneous neuropathic pain. Ten patients with complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) and eleven radiculopathiy patients were enrolled(More)
We conducted a survey of adults in Kotohira, a town of about 10,000 people located in the Nakatado District of Kagawa Prefecture, Japan. The survey was distributed to 8184 individuals, and effective responses were received from 3863 persons (response rate, 47.2%) during the survey period. Results regarding numbness and pain showed numbness alone in 7.7%,(More)