Tatsuji Tanaka

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In this paper, we propose a security protocol compiler that automatically generates security protocol modules based on a security protocol definition. Our security compiler loads a security protocol definition file that can be defined as a high-level specification of the protocol written in XML and it generates a C source code from the specification. Our(More)
This paper proposes a new architecture called SCOPE (System Configuration Of PowEr control system) for flexible supervisory control of power systems. Energy Management Systems / Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (EMS/SCADA) systems are usually widely distributed and have hierarchical operational organizations. They are continuously changing in(More)
This paper presents an object-oriented database management system designed for industrial applications, and describes experimental results in applying it to a power supervisory control system. Database management systems achieve high productivity and high reliability of data management in the business field and in some engineering areas and are widely used.(More)
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