Tatsuji Tanaka

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This paper proposes a new architecture called SCOPE (System Configuration Of PowEr control system) for flexible supervisory control of power systems. Energy Management Systems / Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (EMS/SCADA) systems are usually widely distributed and have hierarchical operational organizations. They are continuously changing in(More)
This paper presents an object-oriented database management system designed for industrial applications, and describes experimental results in applying it to a power supervisory control system. Database management systems achieve high productivity and high reliability of data management in the business field and in some engineering areas and are widely used.(More)
Summary form only given. A neural network is described that solves the problem of optimally assigning tasks to processors in a message-passing parallel machine. This task assignment problem (TAP) is defined by creating a task assignment cost function that expresses the cost of communication overhead and load imbalance. TAP is a kind of combinatorial(More)
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