Tatsuhito Matsuo

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In the asynchronous flight muscles of higher insects, the lattice planes of contractile filaments are strictly preserved along the length of each myofibril, making the myofibril a millimetre-long giant single multiprotein crystal. To examine how such highly ordered structures are formed, we recorded X-ray diffraction patterns of the developing flight(More)
X-ray diffraction patterns were recorded from isolated single rod outer segments of frog. The outer segments in Ringer's solution were exposed to a 6 µm microbeam (15 keV) at the BL40XU beamline, SPring-8. The diffraction pattern demonstrated a remarkable regularity in the stacking and flatness of the disk membranes. The electron density profile calculated(More)
The decay time of YAG:Ce(3+) phosphor was studied using a CMOS camera with a frame rate of 1302000 s(-1) and pulsed X-rays from SPring-8. A high-resolution X-ray detector with YAG:Ce(3+) was used with the camera to view the focused beam from the helical undulator. Mismatch between the ring circulation time and the frame time gave rise to a periodic(More)
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