Tatsuhito Matsuo

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In the present study, morphological observations on the extracellular structures found on the apical surface of the midgut epithelium, known as the peritrophic membrane (PM) or glycocalyx, are described in Haemaphysalis longicornis females and larvae. These structures have been hypothesized to provide protection to the microvilli of epithelial cells of the(More)
1. Electric organ discharges (EOD) were measured in a wave-type electric fish,Apteronotus, with an array of electrodes. 2. The EOD waveform observed in the transient area (area where the equipotential lines converged) was a triphasic one in comparison to a biphasic one in the rest of the area. Electronic circuit simulation suggested that the triphasic(More)
Calmodulin undergoes characteristic conformational changes by binding Ca(2+), which allows it to bind to more than 300 target proteins and regulate numerous intracellular processes in all eukaryotic cells. We measured the conformational changes of calmodulin upon Ca(2+) and mastoparan binding using the time-resolved small-angle X-ray scattering technique(More)
In order to investigate the structural changes of the myofilaments involved in the phenomenon of summation in skeletal muscle contraction, we studied small-angle x-ray intensity changes during twitches of frog skeletal muscle elicited by either a single or a double stimulus at 16 degrees C. The separation of the pulses in the double-pulse stimulation was(More)
The interaction of troponin molecules on the thin filament with Ca(2+) plays a key role in regulating muscle contraction. To characterize the structural changes of troponin caused by Ca(2+) and crossbridge formation, we recorded the small-angle x-ray intensity and the myoplasmic free Ca(2+) concentration using fluo-3 AM in the same frog skeletal muscle(More)
BACKGROUND Left ventricular (LV) hypertrophy is often present in patients with diastolic heart failure. However, stiffness of hypertrophied cardiomyocytes in the transverse direction has not been fully elucidated. The aim of this study was to assess passive cardiomyocyte stiffness of hypertrophied hearts in the transverse direction and the influence of(More)
Two-terminal electronic circuit neuron model is described. The model has time-variant voltagecurrent characteristics of an excitable membrane. Corresponding equivalent circuit is shown by the use of time-invariant elements as a voltage-controlled oscillator. The design principle of the model is outlined. Two application examples are demonstrated: (1)(More)
In the asynchronous flight muscles of higher insects, the lattice planes of contractile filaments are strictly preserved along the length of each myofibril, making the myofibril a millimetre-long giant single multiprotein crystal. To examine how such highly ordered structures are formed, we recorded X-ray diffraction patterns of the developing flight(More)
Structure of spherical aggregates formed by hen egg white lysozyme (HEWL) was studied with microbeam X-ray diffraction. Aggregates with a diameter of 50-100 microm were formed after incubation of HEWL at pH 1.6 and 60 degrees C up to 60 days. The scattering from the aggregate in solution showed a marked symmetry demonstrating it as a spherulite. A(More)
A new type of synchronous electrophrenic respirator developed by the authors has been applied to dogs with incomplete respiratory failure produced by blocking the 1st thoracic cord and the C6 and C1 branches of both phrenic nerves (sometimes including a unilateral C5 branch). This respirator stimulated the distal stump of the phrenic nerve synchronously(More)