Tatsuhiro Yamada

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We have proposed an auto-memoization processor based on computation reuse. The auto-memoization processor dynamically detects functions and loop iterations as reusable blocks, and memoizes them automatically. In the past model, computation reuse cannot be applied if the current input sequence even differs by only one input value from the past input(More)
We have proposed an auto-memoization processor based on computation reuse. The table for registering inputs/outputs is implemented by a ternary CAM, and the input sequences are stored onto the table, being folded into tree forms. This paper proposes a new registration model for merging multiple input entries into a single entry. The new model can(More)
Superconductivity (SC) with the suppression of long-range antiferromagnetic (AFM) order is observed in the parent compounds of both iron-based and cuprate superconductors. The AFM wave vectors are bicollinear (π, 0) in the parent compound FeTe different from the collinear AFM order (π, π) in most iron pnictides. Study of the phase diagram of Fe1+yTe1-xSex(More)
Iron chalcogenide Fe(Te,Se) attracted much attention due to its simple structure, which is favorable for probing the superconducting mechanism. Its less toxic nature compared with iron arsenides is also advantageous for applications of iron-based superconductors. By intercalating spacer layers, superconducting transition temperature has been raised over 40(More)
This work proposes a stress analysis procedure for concrete material using a real digital image to generate a geometrically accurate finite element model of coarse aggregates and mortar. After illustrating the image digitizing and processing procedure, we present a three-dimensional linear analysis using the standard eight-node trilinear element of cubic(More)
—We have proposed an auto-memoization processor based on computation reuse, and merged it with speculative multi-threading based on value prediction into a parallel speculative execution. In the parallel speculative execution model, speculative cores do not work when the target instruction region is not suitable for computation reuse. This paper proposes a(More)
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