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In this paper, we describe construction of Intelligent Virtual Laboratory for high school chemistry. We construct a system that can grasp the current state of a learner's experiment and give well-timed questions or messages to let him/her consider essential factors in experiments. Moreover, we propose methods for expanding the system to help learners(More)
SUMMARY In the real environment, it is hard for a speech recog-nizer to avoid misrecognitions completely. However, if misrecognitions occur, user's intentions are usually misunderstood by a conventional language understanding technique , which simply gives priority to the higher rank hypothesis of a speech recognition result (N-best). The utterances in a(More)
This paper reports the development and evaluation of a natural language generation system which generates a variety of language expressions from visual information taken by a CCD camera. The feature of this system is to generate a variety of language expressions from combinations of different syntactic structures and different sets of vocabulary, while(More)
The purpose of this study was to design a university course with an ICT for students to more positively engage in learning by receiving useful formative assessments. A large-size course entitled " information ethics and laws " was designed based on pedagogical principles of learning environments [1]. The comparisons of students' performance, and(More)
This paper introduces an electronic report submission system that helps effective learning of algorithms and programming. It proposes a three-phase reviewing system that involves self-reviewing of algorithms, self-reviewing of programs and staff reviewing. This is an improvement of our existing two-phase reviewing system that only supports the latter two(More)