Tatsuhiko Saito

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—We propose a statistical framework for high-level feature extraction that uses SIFT Gaussian mixture models (GMMs) and audio models. SIFT features were extracted from all the image frames and modeled by a GMM. In addition, we used mel-frequency cepstral coefficients and ergodic hidden Markov models to detect high-level features in audio streams. The best(More)
A rice cDNA, OsDEP1, encoding a highly cysteine (Cys)-rich G protein γ subunit, was initially identified as it conferred cadmium (Cd) tolerance on yeast cells. Of the 426 aa constituting OsDEP1, 120 are Cys residues (28.2%), of which 88 are clustered in the C-terminal half region (aa 170-426). To evaluate the independent effects of these two regions, two(More)
We analyzed the changes of glycemic control over 12 months and the factors influencing blood glucose in 162 Japanese patients with type 2 diabetes having inadequate glycemic control despite sulfonylurea-based therapy who received add-on sitagliptin. Hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c) decreased significantly after 4 weeks of treatment, and this improvement was(More)
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