Tatsiana Lipinskaya

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BACKGROUND Comprehensive biotic surveys, or 'all taxon biodiversity inventories' (ATBI), have traditionally been limited in scale or scope due to the complications surrounding specimen sorting and species identification. To circumvent these issues, several ATBI projects have successfully integrated DNA barcoding into their identification procedures and(More)
The results of the studies on modern distribution, abundance, and structure of the communities of alien Ponto-Caspian amphipods and their specific role in macrozoobenthos in different sites of the Dnieper and Pripyat rivers in the territory of Belarus are presented. The most widespread species in the Dnieper basin are Dikerogammarus vilosus and D.(More)
A total of 29 species of stoneflies (Plecoptera) from 7 families were found in Belarus: Perlodidae—6, Perlidae—1, Chloroperlidae—3, Taeniopterygidae—2, Nemouridae—11, Capniidae—2, and Leuctridae—4 species. The fauna is fairly diverse and includes a number of rare species in Belarus and other European countries: Diura bicaudata, Marthamea vitripennis,(More)
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