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Hyperuricemia is a biochemical hallmark of gout, renal urate lithiasis, and inherited purine disorders, and may be a result of enormous ATP breakdown or purine release as a result of cardiovascular(More)
BackgroundThe Mediterranean fever (MEFV) gene codes for protein pyrin, one of the regulators of inflammasome activity in innate immune cells. Mutations in this gene are considered the primary cause(More)
The clinical use of tacrolimus (Tac) is complicated by the large inter-individual variability in its pharmacokinetics as well as by chronic adverse effects on renal function. The main goal of this(More)
Deep neck space infections are defined as infections that spread along the fascial planes and spaces of the head and neck. Even in the era of antibiotics, these infections can and have been(More)
BackgroundNumber of elderly patients subjected to extensive surgical procedures in the presence of cardiovascular morbidities is increasing every year. Therefore, there is a need to make preoperative(More)