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The (13)C pulsed ENDOR and NMR study of [meso-(13)C-TPPFe(OCH(3))(OO(t)Bu)](-) performed in this work shows that although the unpaired electron in low-spin ferrihemes containing a ROO(-) ligand(More)
WT and leucine --> valine distal pocket mutants of nitrophorin 2 (NP2) and their NO complexes have been investigated by spectroelectrochemistry. NO complexes of two of the mutants exhibit more(More)
The (1)H NMR resonances of the heme substituents of the low-spin Fe(III) form of nitrophorin 2, as its complexes with N-methylimidazole (NP2-NMeIm) and imidazole (NP2-ImH), have been assigned by a(More)
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