Tatjana Jevtovic-Stoimenov

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Balkan endemic nephropathy (BEN) is a familial chronic tubulointerstitial disease with insidious onset and slow progression leading to terminal renal failure. The results of molecular biological investigations propose that BEN is a multifactorial disease with genetic predisposition to environmental risk agents. Exome sequencing of 22 000 genes with Illumina(More)
The aim of the study was to develop a population pharmacokinetic (PK) model for clearance of bisoprolol in patients with congestive heart failure (CHF). Parameters associated with the plasma concentrations of bisoprolol at steady-state were analyzed in 61 patients (mean age 66.21 ± 9.49 years; mean total body weight 8.90 ± 12.26 kg) with CHF using(More)
L-arginine is conditionally essetcial amino acid, required for normal cell growth, protein synthesis, ammonia detoxification, tissue growth and general performance, proposed in the treatment of men sterility and prevention of male impotence. The aim of the present paper was to estimate the activity of the enzymes of adenine nucleotide metabolism:(More)
Arginase activity is important in polyamines and nitric oxide production which are required for the normal growth of placenta and embryo. A considerable arginase activity is observed in amniotic fluid in women at the end of pregnancy. Lecithin to sphingomyelin (L/S) ratio is widely used in order to assess fetal lung immaturity and prevention of neonatal(More)
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