Tatjana Cicvara-Pećina

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Epithelial-to-mesenchimal transition (EMT) is a process involved in invasion and metastasis of tumors. The occurrence of EMT during tumor progression resembles the developmental scenario and sheds light on important mechanisms for the initial step of metastasis - invasion where noninvasive tumor cells acquire motility and ultimately disseminate to distant(More)
The epidemiology of injuries is a significant factor in the structure of mortality and causes of hospitalization of elderly people. Epidemiologically, consequences of injury, i.e. their complications, from reduced mobility, sores, contractures, infections, all over to mortality from hypostatic pneumonia, are strongly emphasized in the elderly. In 2005, more(More)
Istovremeno kirurško ispravljanje haluksa valgusa i izobličenja ostalih prstiju stopala Simultaneous surgical correction of hallux valgus and lesser toes deformity do teške deformacije haluksa valgusa, a u kombinaciji s različitim postupcima kirurškoga liječenja deformacija ostalih prstiju, osigurava se potpuno ispravljanje glavnine poremećaja prednjega(More)
Although osteochondritis dissecans of the knee has been known for a long time, we still do not fully understand why it develops. This prompted us to present and describe an example of osteochondritis dissecans identified in the Osteological Collection of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts. The case of osteochondritis dissecans described in this(More)
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