Tatjana Brossette

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Recombinant 1,5-anhydro-d-fructose reductase (AFR) from Sinorhizobium morelense S-30.7.5 was crystallized in complex with the cofactor NADP(H) and its structure determined to 2.2 A resolution using selenomethionine SAD (refined R(work) and R(free) factors of 18.9 and 25.0%, respectively). As predicted from the sequence and shown by the structure, AFR can be(More)
BACKGROUND Human cytochrome P450 (CYP) enzymes mediate the first step in the breakdown of most drugs and are strongly involved in drug-drug interactions, drug clearance and activation of prodrugs. Their biocatalytic behavior is a key parameter during drug development which requires preparative synthesis of CYP related drug metabolites. However, recombinant(More)
BACKGROUND The production and employment of cellulases still represents an economic bottleneck in the conversion of lignocellulosic biomass to biofuels and other biocommodities. This process could be simplified by displaying the necessary enzymes on a microbial cell surface. Such an approach, however, requires an appropriate host organism which on the one(More)
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