Tatjana A. Timofeeva

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Dactylogyrus is the largest helminth genus, with more than 900 nominal species, and is consequently in a state of considerable confusion. In an attempt to consolidate our knowledge of this large taxon, this work surveys the nominal species and catalogues them and their hosts (to the generic level) in the form of a species list which is cross-referenced to(More)
This is a catalogue and discussion of the known dactylogyridean monogenean genera of siluriform fishes of the Old World. Of a total of 38 nominal genera, only 19 are considered valid. Seventeen of these 19 genera are currently in the Ancyrocephalidae (containing the Ancyrocephalinae and Ancylodiscoidinae), whilst the other two (Neocalceostoma and(More)
The ecological scenario of the evolution of main branches of Neodermata is described. The first neodermateans (= promonogeneans) were parasites of the gill lamellae of Paleozoic jawless vertebrates, which were microphagous suspension-feeding animals. The main apomorphic characters of the primary neodermateans are neodermis, cercomer (posterior hooked(More)
The following new replacement names for homonyms in the genus Dactylogyrus Diesing are proposed: Dactylogyrus acrossocheili nom. nov. for D. forcipatus Wu & Wang, 1983; D. birgii nom. nov. for D. simplex Birgi & Lambert, 1987; D. cheni nom. nov. for D. orientalis Hu & Chen, 1979; D. hui nom. nov. for D. xenocypris Hu & Chen, 1979; D. limae nom. nov. for D.(More)
Transvenous electrodestruction of the atrioventricular junction is an effective method of surgical treatment for supraventricular arrhythmias (paroxysmal tachysystoles) refractory to medication. However, it is central hemodynamic status alone that can be an objective indicator of favorable clinical effect. Major central hemodynamic parameters were examined(More)
Percutaneous catheter balloon valvuloplasty was carried out in 75 patients with valvular pulmonary stenosis (VPS), whose ages ranged from 18 months to 38 years. In 40 of them (53.3%) VPS was complicated by infundibular stenosis of the right ventricle. After percutaneous catheter balloon valvuloplasty 13 patients received out-patient treatment with(More)
Data on the extensiveness and intensity of infection of Kildin island cod with Echinorhynchus gadi in various seasons are given. E. gadi was proved to have a one-year life cycle and Gammarus duebeni as an intermediate host in the lake. A change of the parasite generations occurs in late summer--autumn. A high extensiveness (100%) and intensity of Kildin cod(More)