Tatiane F. Moraes

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Phosphoenolpyruvate carboxylase (PEPC) specific activity increased by 250% following 8 to 10 days of Pi starvation of Brassica napus suspension cells. Densitometric scanning of PEPC immunoblots revealed a close correlation between PEPC activity and the amount of the antigenic 104-kDa PEPC subunit. To further assess the influence of Pi deprivation on PEPC,(More)
Obesity is considered a subchronic inflammatory disease with high risk of comorbidity development. Obesity-associated inflammation originates from adipose tissue itself, which secretes a panel of inflammatory chemokines and cytokines. Therefore, we enrolled 23 obese women without comorbidity and evaluated if simvastatin 20 mg/day dose therapy for 6 weeks (n(More)
The thermodynamic properties of a selected set of benchmark hydrogen-bonded systems (acetic acid dimer and the complexes of acetic acid with acetamide and methanol) was studied with the goal of obtaining detailed information on solvent effects on the hydrogen-bonded interactions using water, chloroform, and n-heptane as representatives for a wide range in(More)
Nowadays on medical and healthcare areas, training and learning methods for surgeons are based on skills development. In order to improve this learning process, virtual reality simulators have been proposed due its capacity to reproduce surgical procedures without any risk or harm on patient. These devices represent a wide research area that involves(More)
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