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The content and fractional composition of alcohol soluble phenolic acids (PhA) in cells with different degree maturation and lignification in the course of early and late wood formation in the pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) stem during vegetation were studied. Phenolic compounds (PhC), extracted by 80% ethanol, were divided into free and bound fractions of PhA.(More)
The relationship between the morphological variability of the productivity characteristics and the genetic variability of the electrophoretic spectra of seed polypeptides in the valuable medicinal species Hedysarum theinum Krasnob was established based on analyzing six cenopopulations. The protocols for the microclonal propagation of advanced samples were(More)
Lignin deposition at consecutive secondary wall thickening stages of early and late xylem cells during annual ring wood formation in Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) stems was studied. Lignin patterns, isolated by thioglycolic acid method, consisted of alcohol-soluble (LTGA-I) and alkali-soluble (LTGA-II) fractions. The sum of two fractions, being the total(More)
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