Tatiana V. Sokolova

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Oxidative stress may contribute to many pathophysiologic changes that occur after traumatic brain injury. In the current study, contemporary methods of detecting oxidative stress were used in a rodent model of traumatic brain injury. The level of the stable product derived from peroxidation of arachidonyl residues in phospholipids, 8-epi-prostaglandin(More)
OBJECTIVE The study presents a clinical observation of foreign body granuloma, which is rare productive inflammation, developed on treatment with a hemostatic material upon removal of cerebral cavernoma. MATERIAL AND METHODS A 4-year-old boy operated on for left parietal lobe cavernoma was diagnosed with a mass lesion during a follow-up MRI examination 4(More)
The drainage-filling cultivation process for three Shigella flexneri vaccine strains in small-capacity fermenters has been developed. The study has shown that after hydroxylamine treatment the yield of the antigenic component, calculated per 1000 million microbial cells, is tenfold higher in comparison with the traditional method.
The aim of the present work is to study the mechanism of the α-tocopherol (α-T) protective action at nanomolar and micromolar concentrations against H₂O₂-induced brain cortical neuron death. The mechanism of α-T action on neurons at its nanomolar concentrations characteristic for brain extracellular space has not been practically studied yet. Preincubation(More)
In the controlled trial carried out among children aged 1-4 years, the safety, reactogenicity and immunological potency of group A meningococcal polysaccharide vaccine produced at the Gabrichevskiĭ Research Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology (Moscow) were studied. The vaccine under test was introduced in two doses containing 15 and 25 micrograms of(More)
As revealed in animal experiments, glucosaminylmuramyl dipeptide (GMDP), the synthetic analog of muramyl dipeptide, when introduced intraperitoneally in a single injection or orally, exhibits adjuvant activity with respect to Citrobacter 0-antigens, Shigella flexneri and enhances the protective properties of dysentery and pertussis vaccines. The stimulating(More)