Tatiana Poliszczuk

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INTRODUCTION The greatest similarities in body constitution were noted in competitors practising the same discipline. The similarities increase with the training level. A typical body constitution for a given discipline not only favourably affects athletic performance, but is also the factor preventing sportsrelated contusions. The ability to maintain body(More)
INTRODUCTION Martial arts are growing in popularity throughout the whole world. Their beneficial influence on physical development and fitness is noteworthy. Martial arts are an attractive form of physical recreation, constitute a perfect means for combating stress, and have a positive effect on general health, including during rehabilitation. AIM OF THE(More)
INTRODUCTION The role of psychomotor abilities and their relationship to the morphofunctional characteristics of athletes is becoming more and more emphasized in studies on the subject, especially for disciplines that require athletes to notice and to respond to signals originating in dynamically changing conditions. At the same time, athletes who perform(More)
THE AIM OF THE STUDY was to assess the functional and dynamic components of asymmetry in the simple reaction time in female fencers, holders of the master, first or second sport class. MATERIAL AND METHODS A group of 45 female fencers, classified into 3 groups according to the sport class were studied. Dynamic asymmetry was assessed with the use of the(More)
INTRODUCTION Until now it has not been established whether anaerobic capacity of subjects with short stature, statistically comprising 10% of the population, differs from those of normal and tall stature (> 90 centile). No results of studies comparing anaerobic capacity for subjects with a range of body heights have been published in literature. MATERIAL(More)
INTRODUCTION Physical activity is regarded as one of the four basic factors influencing the concentration of glucose in the blood of diabetic patients. Despite this, concerns about hypoglycaemia and exposure of chronically ill children to excessive fatigue mean that their physical activity is frequently inadequate. Until now, physical endurance of diabetes(More)
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