Tatiana P. Korzhova

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A new approach is developed to reconstruct a three-dimensional incompressible flow from noisy data in an open domain using a two-scalar (toroidal and poloidal) spectral representation. The results are presented in two parts: theory (first part) and application (second part). In Part I, this approach includes (a) a boundary extension method to determine(More)
The capability of the reconstruction scheme developed in Part I is demonstrated here through three practical applications. First, the nonlinear regression model is used to reproduce the upper-layer three-dimensional circulation of the eastern Black Sea from model data distorted by white and red noises. Second, the quasigeostrophic approximation is used to(More)
The data submitted point to the importance of the enteroviral infection, in particular, Coxsackie' B vira in the pathogenesis of many non-infectious diseases. Our studies explore the possibility for the Coxsackie B virus involvement in the etiopathogenesis of psoriasis. 25 examined patients with psoriasis revealed in 100% of cases antibodies to the(More)
Ocean observational current data are usually acquired from limited number of stations in domains with open boundaries and contain various errors or noises. It is an important task for physical oceanographers to establish (or to reconstruct) a realistic and complete velocity field from sparse and noisy data. From a mathematical point of view, the(More)
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