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We report on two recent medium-scale initiatives annotating present day English corpora for animacy distinctions. We discuss the relevance of animacy for computational linguistics, specifically generation, the annotation categories used in the two studies and the interannotator reliability for one of the studies.
The NITE XML Toolkit (NXT) provides library support for working with multimodal language corpora. We describe our experiences in using it to study discourse effects on syntactic choice using the parsed Switchboard Corpus as a starting point, as a case study for others who may wish to adopt similar techniques using NXT or one of the other libraries that are(More)
The gods … contrived the eyes to give light … The pure fire which is within us … they made to flow through the eyes in a stream smooth and dense … –Plato, Timaeus (c. 360 BC/1949, p. 27) … when the eyelids are contracted [the sight] is made to strike in a concentrated way … –Aristotle, Problems connected with the eyes (Problems, XXX1. 7-11) (c. 350 BC/1937,(More)
This paper discusses a coordination construction that occurs in Russian in which constituents with different syntactic functions and different thematic roles are conjoined. These conjuncts are co-arguments of the same head and are subject to a number of idiosyncrasies. We consider several alternative analyses of the phenomena, and conclude that these are(More)
GMM and TFJ designed and conducted the analyses and simulations with input from SE. GMM wrote the manuscript with active contributions by JB, SE, BN and TFJ, and comments from the rest of the authors.
Course description: Over the past few decades, cross-linguistic and cross-cultural variation in the encoding of spatial notions has been the subject of intense debate, bringing together researchers working in lexical typology, psycholinguistics, and anthropological linguistics. What strategies do speakers of different languages use for describing spatial(More)
OBJECTIVE We developed an in vitro model for vasospasm post subarachnoid hemorrhage that was suitable for investigating brain vessel autoregulation. We further investigated the effects of iodinated contrast medium on the vascular tone and the myogenic response of spastic cerebral vessels. METHOD We isolated and perfused the superior cerebellar arteries of(More)