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Seabird bycatch in the Brazilian pelagic longline fishery and a review of capture rates in the southwestern Atlantic Ocean
The southwestern Atlantic Ocean is an important foraging ground throughout the year for several albatross and petrel species. Longline fishing fleets in the region currently pose the main threat forExpand
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Potential bycatch of seabirds and turtles in hook-and-line fisheries of the Itaipava Fleet, Brazil
The decline of populations of certain seabirds and sea turtles around the world is partly related to their incidental capture in large-scale fisheries. However, the impacts of small-scale fisheriesExpand
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A preliminary analysis of the distribution and spatial/temporal patterns of seabirds in the Laje de Santos Marine State Park (Santos, Brazil) and surrounding waters
Este trabalho tem como objetivo estudar a variacao temporal da composicao taxonomica e a distribuicao espacial das aves marinhas que podem ser encontradas no Parque Estadual Marinho da Laje de SantosExpand
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