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The 1981 Police Stress Survey of Spielberger, Westbury, Grier, and Greenfield was administered to 99 metropolitan and suburban police officers. Internal consistency reliabilities were in the .90s for both the total scale and two subscales which measure administrative/organizational and physical/psychological stressors. The administrative/organizational, but(More)
—Conventional civil Air Traffic Control (ATC) systems are able to detect targets and identify collaborative aircrafts in the air space but they don't ensure full coverage at low altitudes, in presence of non-cooperative targets (NCTs) and aircraft (A/C) with a low value of radar cross section (RCS). This paper describes the ARGUS 3D (AiR GUidance and(More)
This paper investigates the possibility to improve target detection capability in a DVB-T- based passive radar sensor by jointly exploiting multiple digital television channels broadcast by the same transmitter of opportunity. Based on the remarkable results obtained by such a multi-frequency approach using other signals of opportunity (i.e., FM radio(More)
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