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The effects of glucocorticoids on monocyte morphology and function in vitro and the results of high-dose budesonide therapy in patients with non-severe bronchial asthma were analyzed. Before therapy with inhalation glucocorticosteroid (budesonide) characteristics of blood monocytes and the effects of different concentrations of prednisolone on these cells(More)
The methodology of designing of analog circuits, being based on applications of control theory is basis for constructing of optimum or quasi optimal algorithm of designing. By a major criterion here, allowing to exposing the necessary structure of algorithm, there is a behavior of function of Lyapunov, which was defining for the process of optimization of(More)
The generalized methodology for electronic networks optimization was elaborated by means of the optimal control theory approach. A special control vector is defined to redistribute the compute expense between a network analysis and a parametric optimization. In this case the problem of the electronic system optimization is formulated as a classical problem(More)
– The analog system optimization for a minimal computer time has been formulated as the functional minimization problem of the control theory. The design process in this case is formulated as the controllable dynamic system. The optimal sequence of the control vector switch points was determined as a principal characteristic of the minimal-time system(More)
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