Tatiana I. Ivanova

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BACKGROUND The efficacy and safety of oral ulipristal acetate for the treatment of symptomatic uterine fibroids before surgery are uncertain. METHODS We randomly assigned women with symptomatic fibroids, excessive uterine bleeding (a score of >100 on the pictorial blood-loss assessment chart [PBAC, an objective assessment of blood loss, in which monthly(More)
Possible association between the C282Y and H63D mutations in the HFE gene and estrogen-dependent cancer risk was assessed. Genotyping was performed using PCR amplification followed by digestion of products with specific restrictases. In a population of 260 healthy women (permanent residents of the southwest European Russia), mutant allele frequencies at the(More)
To determine Na+/H+ exchange in lamprey erythrocyte membranes, the cells were acidified to pH(i) 6.0 using the K+/H+ ionophore nigericin. Incubation of acidified erythrocytes in a NaCl medium at pH 8.0 caused a considerable rise in 22Na+ influx and H+ efflux during the first 1 min of exposure. In addition, exposure of acidified red cells to NaCl medium was(More)
Human lymphocytes from 16 healthy donors were exposed in vitro to an adapting dose of gamma-rays (0.05 Gy) at G0, or G1, or G1/S stage of the cell cycle and subsequently to a challenging dose of gamma-rays at G1, or G1/S, or S (1 Gy), or G2 (0.5 Gy) stage. Frequencies and distributions of the induced chromosome aberrations were analyzed in first-division(More)
One effective method for the prevention and treatment of influenza infection is passive immunization. In our study, we examined the feasibility of creating an antibody-based preparation with a prolonged protective effect against influenza virus. Single-domain antibodies (sdAbs) specific for influenza virus hemagglutinin were generated. Experiments in mouse(More)
This work continues a series of recently published studies that employ recombinant single-domain antibody (sdAb, or nanobody®) generation technologies to battle viruses by a passive immunization approach. As a proof of principle, we describe a modified technique to efficiently generate protective molecules against a particular strain of influenza virus(More)
The respiration and phosphorylation velocities in lamprey liver mitochondria are high and with some Krebs cycle substrates they even exceed those of mammals. These parameters in frog liver mitochondria during winter period are 2-3 times lower as compared to rat mitochondria. The adenine nucleotide contents in liver mitochondria of lampreys, fish and frogs(More)
Ginsan is a polysaccharide extracted from the roots of Panax ginseng, and it has earlier been reported to have an immunostimulatory effect. In the present study, the frequency of micronucleated polychromatic erythrocytes (MNPCE) was assessed in the bone marrow of C57BL/6 male mice treated with ginsan [100, 200 or 300 mg/kg body weight (b.w.)] or amifostine(More)
The association between polymorphisms in genes COMT, HFE that takes part in oxidative stress regulation, and chromosome aberration frequency in lymphocytes was assessed in 278 female residents of radiation polluted regions of Central Russia: Bryansk (322 kBk/m2) and Tula Districts (137Cs - 171 kBk/m2). The C187G, G845A genotyping of HFE and G1947A (H/L) of(More)
Antioxidant and prooxidant properties of dihydroquercetine, mexidol and an ascorbic acid in reactions with participation of radicals OH* and O2(-)*, induced by gamma-irradiation, iron-catalyzed decomposition of hydrogen peroxide and oxidation of reduced NADH by phenazine metosulfate are investigafed. The efficiency of scavenging of radicals OH* estimated by(More)