Tatiana I Andreeva

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OBJECTIVE To quantify potential bridging of HIV transmission between the injection drug using subpopulation to the non-injection drug using population through unprotected heterosexual sex. DESIGN Secondary analysis of cross-sectional data. METHODS A sub-sample of participants who reported having a permanent partner who are not injection drug users and(More)
OBJECTIVES To analyse trends in smoking prevalence in Ukraine from three surveys conducted in 2001-5, and to explore correlates of observed changes, in order to estimate the stage of tobacco epidemic in Ukraine. DESIGN Repeated national interview surveys in Ukraine in 2001, 2002 and 2005. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURE Prevalence of current smoking among the(More)
BACKGROUND AIM To estimate the impact of smoking restrictions in homes and schools, and tobacco advertising and information on smoking initiation by young people in Ukraine. METHODS Data of 609 young people aged 15-29 was taken from the national representative survey conducted in June 2005. OUTCOME MEASURES The reported age of cigarette initiation(More)
OBJECTIVES After years of prevalence of smoking increase, Ukraine observes its decline. Recent tobacco control measures included smoke-free policies, new textual health warnings (THW) since late 2006, ban of outdoor tobacco advertising since January 2009 and tobacco tax increase since late 2008. The objective was to estimate potential contribution of THW to(More)
AIMS Our study aimed to examine the association between early life stress and early initiation of alcohol and tobacco use. DESIGN This prospective cohort study of women and children belongs to the Ukrainian component of the European Longitudinal Study of Pregnancy and Childhood. SETTING Dniprodzerzhynsk, a city of some 250,000 inhabitants in south(More)
Effects of complex and individual bioactive substances extracted from tall delphinium on acute inflammation induced by carrageenin, acetic acid, serotonin, and histamine were studied. The studied plant substances produced a pronounced antiinflammatory effect comparable to that of nonsteroid antiinflammatory drugs.
BACKGROUND This study aimed to clarify whether smoke-free policies affect the initiation or the quitting of smoking among young adults. METHODS In this natural quasi-experiment study, three universities with different enforcement of smoke-free policies were considered in Kazan City, Russian Federation. Exposure data were collected in 2008-2009 through(More)
Antiinflammatory effects of water-alcohol extracts and sum of alkaloids from the aerial part of delphinium under conditions of immune inflammation caused by Freund's complete adjuvant were comparable to activity of orthophen, a classical antiinflammatory drug. Normalizing effects of the studied extracts on hematological and biochemical parameters were(More)
Experimental investigations have shown that water-alcohol extracts from plants containing alkaloids (Aconitum baikalense, Aconitum septentrionale, Delphinium elatum L., Conium maculatum) and salicylic acid (Filipendula ulmaria, Salix viminalis, Fragaria vesca, Rubus idaeus) inhibited the development of main symptoms of inflammation, viz. exudation, pain,(More)
The effects of complex extract from Aconitum baikalense on reparative regeneration of a plane dorsal skin wound were studied. Treatment with Aconitum baikalense tincture stimulated reparation and skin regeneration. The effects of the Aconitum baikalense alkaloids on functional activity of fibroblast precursors were studied in vitro by cultural methods.(More)