Tatiana Gavrilova

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In spite of the fact that the field of applying ontological research in education is fairly young it is already quite broad and fuzzy. The set of technologies used and developed there have roots in a variety of diverse areas of information and pedagogical sciences. To facilitate the process of scientific and scholastic search the domain needs to be(More)
The paper proposes meta-ontology of the user modeling field. Ontology is meant to structure the state-of-the-art in the field and serve as a central reference point and as a tool to index systems, papers and learning media. Such ontology is beneficial for both the user modeling research community and the students as it creates a shared conceptualization of(More)
Structured Abstract: Purpose – Significant part of knowledge and experience in an organization belongs not to the organization itself, but to the individuals it employs. Therefore, knowledge management (KM) tasks should include eliciting knowledge from knowledgeable individuals. The authors argue that the current palette of methods proposed for this in KM(More)
Feedback provided to a user is an important part of learning and interaction in e-learning systems. In this paper we present the results of our pilot experiment aimed to study interrelation between several types of immediate feedback presentation and learning styles (LSs) of users. In the experiment we used the feedback supported by Quiz Module of Moodle(More)