Tatiana Fernández Landaluce

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Understanding the formation of crystalline polymorphs is of importance for various applications of materials science. Polymorphism of Schiff base derivatives has recently attracted considerable attention because of its influence on photochromic and thermochromic properties of their 3D crystals. The present investigation extends the study of Schiff base(More)
Reducing the steric interaction between the upper-half and the lower-half of a light-driven rotary molecular motor by decreasing the size of the aromatic moiety in the upper-half from a naphthalene to a benzothiophene results in an almost 3500 times faster rotation.
A bifunctional substituted dithienylcyclopentene photochromic switch bearing electropolymerisable methoxystyryl units, which enable immobilization of the photochromic unit on conducting substrates, is reported. The spectroscopic, electrochemical, and photochemical properties of a monomer in solution are compared with those of the polymer formed through(More)
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