Tatiana F Sergeeva

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Caspase-3 is a key effector caspase that is activated in both extrinsic and intrinsic pathways of apoptosis. Available fluorescent sensors for caspase-3 activity operate in relatively short wavelength regions and are nonoptimal for multiparameter microscopy and whole-body imaging. In the present work, we developed new genetically encoded sensors for(More)
A complex cascade of molecular events occurs in apoptotic cells but cell-to-cell variability significantly complicates determination of the order and interconnections between different processes. For better understanding of the mechanisms of programmed cell death, dynamic simultaneous registration of several parameters is required. In this paper we used(More)
Changes in the catalytic properties of cytoplasmic and mitochondrial creatine kinase were studied at various periods of cerebral circulatory disorders. Cerebral ischemia was accompanied by activation of free radical processes, changes in the dimer/octamer ratio for mitochondrial creatine kinase, and appearance of new catalytic properties of isoenzymes.
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