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In healthcare, inter-organizational sharing and collaborative use of big data become increasingly important. The cloud-computing paradigm is expected to provide an environment perfectly matching the needs of collaborating healthcare workers. However, there are still many security and privacy challenges impeding the wide adoption of cloud computing in this(More)
The ascending and descending connections of the striatum were studied in frogs by using an HRP method. The mesencephalo- and thalamo-striatal connections pass mainly in the lateral forebrain bundle and are preferentially ipsilateral. The cells sending their axons to the striatum are found in the posterolateral and posterocentral thalamic nuclei, in the(More)
The accelerated adoption of cloud computing among enterprises is due to the multiple benefits the technology provides, one of them the simplification of inter-organizational information sharing, which is of utmost importance in healthcare. Nevertheless, moving sensitive health records to the cloud still implies severe security and privacy risks. With this(More)
The EPCglobal Network is an emerging global information architecture for supporting Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) in supply chains. Discovery services for the EPCglobal Network are distributed services that serve the following pivotal lookup function: Given an identifier for a real-world object, e.g., an Electronic Product Code (EPC) stored on an(More)
Visual projections have been studied after unilateral lesion of the optic nerve. Degenerated fibers and terminals, as well as fibers labelled by horseradish peroxidase were found contralaterally in the lateral geniculate thalamic nucleus, the second (stratum opticum) and the third (stratum fibrosum et griseum superficiale) layers of the midbrain tectum. In(More)
In a multi-stakeholder cloud computing environment, data access control is of essential importance. Nowadays, it is usually handled in and deployed by every single cloud service on its own which makes the configuration of fine-grained access privileges cumbersome and economically expensive. In this paper, we introduce a novel cloud ecosystem architecture(More)
Experimental study of the retinofugal pathways in Acipenser güldenstädti was carried out on 109 specimens using 3 experimental tracing methods: Fink-Heimer (after retinal ablation), radioautography (after intraocular injection of tritiated markers) and HRP (after intraocular injection of HRP or iontophoretic deposit of HRP on the optic nerve). The optic(More)