Tatiana Erazo

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Apoptotic cell death is an integral part of cell turnover in many tissues, and proper corpse clearance is vital to maintaining tissue homeostasis in all multicellular organisms. Even in tissues with high cellular turnover, apoptotic cells are rarely seen because of efficient clearance mechanisms in healthy individuals. In Caenorhabditis elegans, two(More)
Tribbles pseudokinase 3 (TRIB3) belongs to the tribbles family of pseudokinases. In this article, we summarize several observation obtained by our laboratories supporting that TRIB3 plays a crucial role in the anti-cancer activity of cannabinoids (a novel family of potential anti-cancer agents derived from marijuana) and that TRIB3 genetic inactivation(More)
The protein kinase ERK5 (MAPK7) is an emerging drug target for a variety of indications, in particular for cancer where it plays a key role mediating cell proliferation, survival, epithelial-mesenchymal transition, and angiogenesis. To date, no three-dimensional structure has been published that would allow rational design of inhibitors. To address this, we(More)
The benzo[e]pyrimido-[5,4-b]diazepine-6(11H)-one core was discovered as a novel ERK5 (also known as MAPK7 and BMK1) inhibitor scaffold, previously. Further structure-activity relationship studies of this scaffold led to the discovery of ERK5-IN-1 (26) as the most selective and potent ERK5 inhibitor reported to date. 26 potently inhibits ERK5 biochemically(More)
Brain specific kinases 1 and 2 (BRSK1/2, also named SAD kinases) are serine-threonine kinases specifically expressed in the brain, and activated by LKB1-mediated phosphorylation of a threonine residue at their T-loop (Thr189/174 in human BRSK1/2). BRSKs are crucial for establishing neuronal polarity, and BRSK1 has also been shown to regulate(More)
The mitogen-activated protein (MAP) kinase extracellular signal-regulated kinase 5 (ERK5) plays a crucial role in cell proliferation, regulating gene transcription. ERK5 has a unique C-terminal tail which contains a transcriptional activation domain, and activates transcription by phosphorylating transcription factors and acting itself as a transcriptional(More)
ERK5, the last MAP kinase family member discovered, is activated by the upstream kinase MEK5 in response to growth factors and stress stimulation. MEK5-ERK5 pathway has been associated to different cellular processes, playing a crucial role in cell proliferation in normal and cancer cells by mechanisms that are both dependent and independent of its kinase(More)
PURPOSE ABTL0812 is a novel first-in-class, small molecule which showed antiproliferative effect on tumor cells in phenotypic assays. Here we describe the mechanism of action of this antitumor drug, which is currently in clinical development. EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN We investigated the effect of ABTL0812 on cancer cell death, proliferation, and modulation of(More)
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