Tatiana D Savina

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A neuropsychological study of 59 families with schizophrenia (193 subjects: 59 patients, 109 parents, and 25 sibs) was conducted using the methods of A.R. Luria. The control group included 23 healthy subjects without a familial history of schizophrenia. The analysis revealed a wide spectrum of mental disorders in schizophrenics and their relatives but not(More)
In order to study neuropsychological characteristics of subcortical-frontal brain regions function and assessment of their relation with vulnerability to schizophrenia 59 patients and 23 controls were investigated using Luria's neuropsychological methods. The analysis established bilateral abnormalities of the function of prefrontal and profound frontal(More)
To evaluate the rigidity of psychic processes (RPP) as a factor predisposing (vulnerability) to schizophrenia and to study interactions between RPP and other susceptibility factors, psychological characteristics and magnetic resonance tomography data have been studied in 26 families with schizophrenia. Correlation, cluster and regression analyses and trait(More)
The paper deals with a psychophysiological study of the states of disposition, expectation with the aid of the method of evoked potentials as one of the indices of peculiarities in activation processes in schizophrenic patients in conditions of active senso-motor activity. The study demonstrated significant differences in the schizophrenic patients in EP(More)
The paper is concerned with experimental psychological studies of disorders in certain parameters of mental activity within the structure of the pathopsychological syndrome in schizophrenic patients with partial and total types defect. The data obtained attest to different determining factors that lie at the basis of the studied types of defect conditions(More)
Changes in mental activity related predominantly to one of the principal characteristics of the defect developing in schizophrenia, i.e. a decrease in mental activity, were studied by a complex of experimental psychological techniques designed to gain a better insight into the processes of memory and attention. A comparative study of groups of schizophrenic(More)
Psychological parameters of mental activity (30 in total) and their genetic determination were studied in 67 families of schizophrenia patients (67 patients, 107 parent, and 30 sibs). Abnormalities of most of the examined characteristics were found in both the patients and their healthy relatives. Parameters of attention shifting and emotionality revealed(More)
A relationship between neurophysiological and psychological characteristics of attention was studied in 18 patients with schizophrenia and their 34 mentally healthy relatives: parents and siblings (20 subjects) and children (14 subjects). In patients, a decrease of P300 auditory evoked potentials significantly correlated with disturbances of attention(More)
Genetic analysis of clinical data and data obtained by magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) on 26 families of schizophrenic patients (26 probands who were patients with schizophrenia, 47 parents, and 15 siblings) revealed an enlargement of the ventricular brain system both in probands and their affected and healthy relatives. Most MRI parameters had high(More)