Tatiana Atanasova

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The paper gives an overview about the ongoing FP6-IST INFRAWEBS project and describes the main layers and software components embedded in an application oriented realisation framework. An important part of INFRAWEBS is a Semantic Web Unit (SWU) – a collaboration platform and interoperable middleware for ontology-based handling and maintaining of SWS. The(More)
The design and implementation of a contemporary Business Intelligent System (BIS) requires processing of all types of information – structured, semi-structured, unstructured and real time. The basic functionality of BIS is implemented in an enterprise local area network (LAN) or by web access to web sites. Business results are bettered by the application of(More)
The investigations for throughput of a new algorithm for computing of non-conflict schedule in crossbar switch node are presented in this paper. By means of Generalized nets (GN) a model of MiMa (Minimum from Maximal Matching) algorithm is synthesized. The results of computer simulation of a GN-model performing uniform load traffic are presented. Evaluated(More)
Purpose of work: The study was aimed to assess the antineoplastic activity of justicidin B in vitro and to search for its general toxicological profile in vivo. The anti-neoplastic activity of the arylnaphthalene lignin, justicidin B, was assessed in a panel of human lymphoma cell lines and compared with etoposide as a reference compound. A screening of the(More)
This paper presents an approach for building research models accessing distributed and heterogeneous knowledge pools using multi-agent information retrieval. Accordingly task-oriented scenarios for intelligent information retrieval are discussed. Searching and browsing activities range from a well-defined search for a specific document to a non-specific(More)
The purpose of this work is to investigate the specifics in the development of technologies for heterogeneous data and process integration in digital home and to show possible solutions during design of integrated applications. The analysis of the integrated data can be useful for the development of improved algorithms for monitoring and control of digital(More)
Development of the neuronal circuitry involves both Hebbian and homeostatic plasticity mechanisms that orchestrate activity-dependent refinement of the synaptic connectivity. AMPA receptor subunit GluA4 is expressed in hippocampal pyramidal neurons during early postnatal period and is critical for neonatal long-term potentiation; however, its role in(More)
INFRAWEBS project [INFRAWEBS] considers usage of semantics for the complete lifecycle of Semantic Web processes, which represent complex interactions between Semantic Web Services. One of the main initiatives in the Semantic Web is WSMO framework, aiming at describing the various aspects related to Semantic Web Services in order to enable the automation of(More)
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