Tatiana Aparecida Silva Benaglia

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The mixtools package for R provides a set of functions for analyzing a variety of finite mixture models. These functions include both traditional methods, such as EM algorithms for univariate and multivariate normal mixtures, and newer methods that reflect some recent research in finite mixture models. In the latter category, mixtools provides algorithms(More)
We propose an algorithm for nonparametric estimation for finite mixtures of multivariate random vectors that strongly resembles a true EM algorithm. The vectors are assumed to have independent coordinates conditional upon knowing which mixture component from which they come, but otherwise their density functions are completely unspecified. Sometimes, the(More)
In this paper we describe a method to select the bandwidth used in the nonparametric EM (npEM) algorithm of Benaglia et al. (2008). This method is a generalization of the Silverman's rule of thumb used to select a bandwidth in kernel density estimation, and it results in one bandwidth for each mixture component and each block of conditionally independent(More)
INTRODUCTION The literature reports on high-frequency audiometry as one of the exams used on hearing monitoring of individuals exposed to high sound pressure in their work environment, due to the method́s greater sensitivity in early identification of hearing loss caused by noise. The frequencies that compose the exam are generally between 9 KHz and 20KHz,(More)
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