Tatiana Abramihina

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New small molecules that regulate the step-wise differentiation of human pluripotent stem cells into dopaminergic neurons have been identified. The steroid, guggulsterone, was found to be the most effective inducer of neural stem cells into dopaminergic neurons. These neurons are extensively characterized and shown to be functional. We believe this new(More)
We studied neural induction and generation of neuroectoderm in the colonies of human parthenogenetic SC cultured in the presence of 5 and 19±2% oxygen. We found that neuroectoderm was more actively generated at high oxygen content. At the same time, the transcription of stem cell pluripotency genes was not completely suppressed during neural induction at(More)
Human pluripotent stem cells (PSC) have the potential to revolutionize regenerative medicine. However undifferentiated PSC can form tumors and strict quality control measures and safety studies must be conducted before clinical translation. Here we describe preclinical tumorigenicity and biodistribution safety studies that were required by the US Food and(More)
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