Tatana M. Olson

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The purpose of this research was to investigate how various distance-learning technologies affect student learning in a high-level course in the military. This training comprised three phases: asynchronous, synchronous, and residential instruction. Initial site visits indicated that this course was extensively planned and supported. At the end of one(More)
IOBENCH is an operating system and processor independent synthetic input/output (IO) benchmark designed to put a configurable IO and processor (CP) load on the system under test. It is meant to stress the system under test in a manner consistent with the way in which Oracle, Ingres, Prime INFORMATION or other data management products do IO. The IO and CP(More)
These guidelines have been developed to assist graduate students working toward the M.S.E. degree in Environmental Engineering in planning a program of study that meets the requirements of that degree. Each student is responsible for planning such a study program, with the guidance of a faculty advisor from the Environmental and Water Resources Engineering(More)
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