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STATEMENT OF PROBLEM Masticatory forces acting on dental implants can result in undesirable stress in adjacent bone, which in turn can cause bone defects and the eventual failure of implants. PURPOSE A mathematical simulation of stress distribution around implants was used to determine which length and diameter of implants would be best to dissipate(More)
The aim of this review article is to describe the behaviour of dental alloys during the magnetic resonance imaging procedure. Mechanical and physical effects of a high frequency magnetic field are discussed. They may cause a movement or heating of metal objects present in the body, which can lead to a potential health risk for patients undergoing this(More)
Composite veneers, crowns, and adhesive bridges also can be a part of interdisciplinary therapy, namely, cooperation between orthodontics and prosthodontics. This study sought to systematically analyze patients treated orthodontically and prosthodontically with permanent teeth from a long-term point of view (three years). Forty-nine composite veneers,(More)
Electronic healthcare documentation is the key element of electronic healthcare (eHealth). Electronic oral health record (EOHR) supporting oral medicine is discussed. To provide dentists with a methodology and instrument to create oral health documentation in more efficient way, support information exchange and integration in dental domain and to ease(More)
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