Tassilo Barth

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Spoken Language Systems at Saarland University (LSV) participated this year with 5 runs at the TAC KBP English slot filling track. Effective algorithms for all parts of the pipeline, from document retrieval to relation prediction and response post-processing, are bundled in a modular end-to-end relation extraction system called RelationFactory. The main run(More)
The recent trend of ubiquitous access to embedded physical devices over the Internet as well as increasing penetration of wireless protocols such as ZigBee has raised attention to smart homes. These systems consist of sensors, devices and smart appliances that can be monitored and controlled remotely by human users and cloud services. However, the lack of a(More)
We survey recent approaches to noise reduction in distant supervision learning for relation extraction. We group them according to the principles they are based on: at-least-one constraints, topic-based models, or pattern correlations. Besides describing them, we illustrate the fundamental differences and attempt to give an outlook to potentially fruitful(More)
We present RelationFactory, a highly effective open source relation extraction system based on shallow modeling techniques. RelationFactory emphasizes modularity, is easily configurable and uses a transparent pipelined approach. The interactive demo allows the user to pose queries for which RelationFactory retrieves and analyses contexts that contain(More)
Speeding up knowledge-intensive core processes in engineering and increasing the quality of their results is becoming more and more decisive, since the economic pressure from national and international competitors and customers is rising. In particular, these demands exceed the organizational and infrastructural capacities of small and medium-sized(More)
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