Tasos C. Christofides

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BACKGROUND Autosomal-dominant medullary cystic kidney disease (ADMCKD), a hereditary chronic interstitial nephropathy, recently attracted attention because of the cloning or mapping of certain gene loci, namely NPHP1, NPHP2 and NPHP3 for familial juvenile nephronophthisis (NPH) and MCKD1 and MCKD2 for the adult form of medullary cystic kidney disease. Our(More)
AIM The homozygous 677TT mutation of the MTHFR gene has been linked to deep vein thrombosis and to arterial atherosclerotic events of the coronary, carotid and peripheral arteries. Its putative association with renal arteriosclerosis and chronic renal failure (CRF) in the presence of hypertensive nephrosclerosis is yet to be investigated. METHODS Two(More)
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