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Eucalyptus phylogeny and history: a brief summary
The fossil history of the genus in Australia is reviewed and previously undescribed Myrtaceae capsules are illustrated from the Eocene Redbank Plains Formation of south-eastern Queensland.
The discovery of Tasmanian eucalypts: an historical sketch
A brief narrative is presented on the discovery of Tasmanian eucalypts, from the first collections of the early explorers to modern times. The author of each species, and the collector and locality
New subspecies of Leionema bilobum (Rutaceae)
Morphological variation in Leionema bilobum (Lindl.) Paul G. Wilson is described taxonomically as four subspecies: viz. subsp. bilobum, which is restricted to the eastern ranges of Grampians National
Observations on some Tasmanian species of the lichen genus Megalaria (Lecanorales: Megalariaceae)
Three species of Megalaria Hafellner (Lecanorales: Megalariaceae) are described and discussed, with special emphasis on apothecial pigments and ascospore size: Megalaria laureri (Th.Fr.) Hafellner,
The lichen genus Umbilicaria Hoffm. in Tasmania
The lichen genus Umbilicaria Hoffm. in Tasmania comprises six species: U. cylindrica (L.) Delise ex Duby, U. decussata (Vill.) Zahlbr. (recorded from Tasmania for the first time), U. nylanderiana
Two ephemeral species of the lichen genus Absconditella (Stictidaceae) new to Tasmania
The lichen genus Absconditella V˘ ezda is recorded from Tasmania for the first time. It is represented by two very inconspicuous species, A. delutula and A. lignicola, which occur in regenerating wet
A new species of Lepraria (lichenized Ascomycetes) from Tasmania's wet forests
Lepraria toilenae Kantvilas & Kukwa is described from Tasmania. This species is characterised by a green to grey-green, leprose, non-lobate thallus containing malonprotocetraric, fumarprotocetraric
Psoroglaena halmaturina sp. nov. (lichenised Ascomycota, Verrucariaceae) from Kangaroo Island, South Australia
A new lichen species, Psoroglaena halmaturina P.M. McCarthy & Kantvilas (Verrucariaceae), is described from the bark of trees in remnant mallee and Melaleuca thicket on Kangaroo Island, South
New species of Caloplaca (lichenised Ascomycota: Teloschistaceae) from Kangaroo Island
The new species, Caloplaca gilfillaniorum Kantvilas & S.Y.Kondr. and C. piscatorica Kantvilas & S.Y.Kondr., are described and illustrated, and their relationships with other species are discussed.