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BACKGROUND Eukaryotic promoter prediction using computational analysis techniques is one of the most difficult jobs in computational genomics that is essential for constructing and understanding genetic regulatory networks. The increased availability of sequence data for various eukaryotic organisms in recent years has necessitated for better tools and(More)
Automatic facial expression recognition is a challenging problem in computer vision, and has gained significant importance in the applications of human-computer interactions. The vital component of any successful expression recognition system is an effective facial representation from face images. In this paper, we have derived an appearance-based feature(More)
— This paper presents an efficient image exploration scheme for the unshaped object using semantic modelling. The local regions of an image have been classified with respect to the frequency of occurrences. The semantic concept is evaluated using RGB histogram dissimilarity factor, overall dissimilarity factor and regional dissimilarity factor. The(More)
Face recognition has been a fast growing, challenging and fascinating area in real time applications. A large number of face recognition algorithms have been developed in last decades. This paper presents a face recognition approach that utilizes the Sobel operator, Local Ternary Pattern (LTP) descriptor, Gabor features and Principal Component Analysis(More)