Tasho Tashev

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The authors investigated the obesity incidence in connection with nutrition factors in 13 representative settlements of Industry-Agrarian Complex Burgas. They established that obesity covers 42,4 per cent of the population above the age of 14 and is 1,5 times more often among females as compared with males. The correlation among youths (age 14-25), mature(More)
The investigations for throughput of a new algorithm for computing of non-conflict schedule in crossbar switch node are presented in this paper. By means of Generalized nets (GN) a model of MiMa (Minimum from Maximal Matching) algorithm is synthesized. The results of computer simulation of a GN-model performing uniform load traffic are presented. Evaluated(More)
The problem of calculating a non-conflict schedule by packets commutation in crossbar switch node is one of the foremost problems at the stage of node design. From a mathematical point of view this task is NP-complete. Constantly rising levels of traffic communication require developing of new algorithms. These algorithms must be correctly compared with(More)