Tasho Tashev

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The aim of the paper is a check of the capability of Generalized nets (GN)apparatus for modelling of parallel processes in packet switch node. By means of Generalized nets is synthesised a model of PIM (Parallel Iterative Matching) algorithm for computing of non-conflict schedule in crossbar switch node. The results of computer simulation of a GN-model(More)
A synthesis of an algorithm for non-conflict schedule with joint diagonals activation is done. A software model of the algorithm is built. Rapidity, performance and memory resources are analyzed. It is calculated the performance and memory resource for different switching matrix types and sizes. A comparison of the proposed algorithm with other algorithms(More)
The paper presents computer simulations of an algorithm for non-conflict packet commutation in a crossbar switch node. In particular, we study a version of the MiMa-algorithm with a new selection of the initial element of the traffic matrix as compared to the original version of the algorithm. Our simulations utilize independent, identically distributed(More)
In this paper a simple model for uniform traffic with periodic input patterns is suggested. Periodic input patterns (PI-Patterns) represent a further development of the family of patterns (S-Patterns) proposed in our previous investigations. Our simulation studies use the Generalized Nets (GN) model of the known PIM-algorithm. The simulation results of a(More)
Achieving maximal throughput of a crossbar switch depends on creation of non-conflict schedule for packet commutation. The first step in checking the efficiency of commutation is throughput modeling of the switch by uniform demand traffic. In this paper we study the dependence between uniformity of the output sequences of a pseudo-random numbers generator(More)
In this paper we propose a model of load traffic with variable intensity for a switch node. Our model is based on a family of periodic input patterns (PI-patterns) for uniform traffic. We have used the family of patterns in order to study the throughput of a crossbar switch node. Our simulation studies use the Generalized Nets (GN) model of the known(More)