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OBJECTIVE To prospectively validate the Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA) in a UK memory clinic. METHOD We administered the MoCA and Mini-Mental State Examination (MMSE) to 32 subjects fulfilling diagnostic criteria for dementia, to 23 subjects fulfilling diagnostic criteria for mild cognitive impairment (MCI), and to 12 memory clinic comparison(More)
Prospective studies of pre-conception diabetes care have confirmed its positive impact on the incidence of malformations by improving glycaemic control. Less information is available on the impact of pre-conception care on maternal and neonatal morbidity. This audit addresses its impact on timing and mode of delivery, incidence of macrosomia and rate of(More)
We retrospectively analysed pregnancy complicated by diabetic nephropathy in patients attending a University teaching hospital (1990-97), to examine fetal/maternal outcomes. Fetal outcomes included early intrauterine deaths, stillbirths, neonatal/perinatal mortality, size for gestational age, malformations, and need for neonatal unit care. Maternal outcomes(More)
Maternal and fetal complications are increased when pregnancy is complicated by diabetes, and this may be further influenced by racial and cultural differences. We examined fetal and maternal outcomes in Indo-Asian and Caucasian women attending the same antenatal diabetes service to see if there were any differences. Women with diabetes mellitus (type 1,(More)
Tuberculosis (TB) has become a curable disease, thanks to the discovery of antibiotics. However, it has remained one of the most difficult infections to treat. Most current TB regimens consist of 6-9 months of daily doses of four drugs that are highly toxic to patients. The purpose of these lengthy treatments is to completely eradicate Mycobacterium(More)
Background characterization of assault-related injuries have demonstrated that lifestyle, substance abuse, education, employment, mental illness, and high-risk behavior contribute to low self-esteem in repeat assault victims. Recurrent-assault patients have never been studied with respect to self-esteem. This study evaluated self-esteem and assault-related(More)
Maternal diabetes mellitus (types 1 and 2) is the most chronic prevalent medical condition affecting the pregnant population and is associated with a less satisfactory pregnancy outcome for both mother and infant when compared with the non-diabetic population. Most reports have focused on women with type 1 disease, type 2 disease being perceived as a less(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the diagnostic accuracy of a new technique of cervical imaging and to consider its potential as a secondary cervical screening method. DESIGN A prospective cross-sectional study with each case acting as its own control, comparing video colpography with colposcopy. SETTING University of Birmingham colposcopy clinics, City Hospital and(More)
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