Tasawar Hayat

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Peristaltic transport of a fluid in channels has been a subject of great interest for the last four decades. Such interest is motivated by several applications of peristaltic flows in engineering and industry. In animals and human bodies, the physiological fluids pumped by the muscular oscillations which correspond to peristaltic activity. In particular,(More)
This article addresses the boundary layer flow and heat transfer in third grade fluid over an unsteady permeable stretching sheet. The transverse magnetic and electric fields in the momentum equations are considered. Thermal boundary layer equation includes both viscous and Ohmic dissipations. The related nonlinear partial differential system is reduced(More)
This paper deals with the problem of exponential stability for a class of Markovian jump stochastic neural networks with time delays in the leakage terms and mixed time delays. The jumping parameters are modeled as a continuous-time, finite-state Markov chain, and the mixed time delays consist of time-varying delays and distributed delays. By using the(More)
In this paper, we carry out a study of peristaltic motion of an incompressible micropolar fluid in an asymmetric channel. The flow analysis has been developed for low Reynolds number and long wavelength case. Exact analytic solutions have been established for the axial velocity, microrotation component and stream function. Expression for the shear stresses(More)
In this article, the flow problem in a thin liquid film of second grade fluid over an unsteady stretching surface is investigated. By means of suitable transformations, the governing nonlinear partial differential equation has been reduced to the nonlinear ordinary differential equation. The developed nonlinear equation is solved analytically by using the(More)
This paper looks at the series solutions of three dimensional boundary layer flow. An Oldroyd-B fluid with variable thermal conductivity is considered. The flow is induced due to stretching of a surface. Analysis has been carried out in the presence of heat generation/absorption. Homotopy analysis is implemented in developing the series solutions to the(More)
ZHENGWEN TU, JINDE CAO, AHMED ALSAEDI, FUAD E ALSAADI, AND TASAWAR HAYAT Department of Mathematics, Research Center for Complex Systems and Network Sciences, Southeast University, Nanjing 210996, China; Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Chongqing Three Gorges University, Wanzhou 404100, China; Faculty of Science, Department of Mathematics, King(More)