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Ascorbic acid (AA) has been well known as a skin whitening agent, although attempts have been made to evaluate its protective role against ultraviolet (UV)-induced skin hyperpigmentation or increased melanin production. While melanogenesis is a defense mechanism of the skin against UV irradiation, melanin overproduction may also contribute to melanoma(More)
Oxidative stress has been suggested to play a role in ultraviolet A (UVA)-mediated melanogenesis. Glutathione (GSH) and GSH-related enzymes including γ-glutamate cysteine ligase (γ-GCL) and glutathione S-transferase (GST) are important antioxidant defenses responsible for maintaining cellular redox balance. Hence, improving GSH redox system to cope with(More)
Ultraviolet A (UVA) plays a vital role in the pathogenesis of premature skin aging through keratinocyte cytotoxicity and degradation of collagen, a main component of the extracellular matrix providing structural support. Oxidative stress caused by UVA irradiation can mediate induction of matrix metalloprotease-1 (MMP-1), a major enzyme responsible for(More)
Dietary phenolics may play a protective role in UV-mediated skin pigmentation through their antioxidant and UV-absorbing actions. In this study, we investigated whether genetic silencing of Nrf2, regulating the transcription of antioxidant genes, affected melanogenesis in primary human epidermal melanocytes (HEMn) and B16F10 melanoma cells subjected to UVA(More)
INTRODUCTION Ayurved Siriraj Chantaleela recipe is a traditional Thai remedy consisting of eight medicinal plants, which is employed for the treatment of fever. OBJECTIVE To investigate the effects of Ayurved Siriraj Herbal recipe Chantaleela on platelet aggregation. STUDY DESIGN Clinical research; ex vivo with before and after study design. MATERIAL(More)
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