Taryn L Green

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The risk posed by breast cancer represents a complex interaction among factors affecting tumor immunity of the host. Toll-like receptors (TLRs) are members of the innate immune system and generally function to attract host immune cells upon activation. However, the good intentions of TLRs are sometimes not transferred to positive long-term effects, due to(More)
We aimed to examine the use of circulating tumor cells (CTCs) as an effective measure of treatment efficacy and immune system function in metastatic breast cancer patients. CTCs are believed to be indicators of residual disease and thus pose an increased risk of metastasis and poorer outcomes to those patients who are CTC-positive. We obtained peripheral(More)
The present investigation was designed to show the effect of molecular HLA class II DR and DQ allelic differences between donor and recipient on humoral antibody rejection identified by C4d peritubular capillary staining. The hypothesis is that expression of the DRβ1*1501, DQβ1*0602 allele in the donor kidney increases the likelihood of humoral antibody(More)
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