Taryn Kirsch

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In 2003, channelrhodopsin-2 (ChR2) from Chlamydomonas reinhardtii was discovered to be a light-gated cation channel, and since that time the channel became an excellent tool to control by light neuronal cells in culture as well as in living animals with high temporal and spatial resolution in a noninvasive manner. However, little is known about the spectral(More)
Connexin45 (Cx45) is known to be expressed in the retina, but its functional analysis was problematic because general deletion of Cx45 coding DNA resulted in cardiovascular defects and embryonic lethality at embryonic day 10.5. We generated mice with neuron-directed deletion of Cx45 and concomitant activation of the enhanced green fluorescent protein(More)
Modern disposable diapers are complex products and ubiquitous globally. A robust safety assessment for disposable diapers include two important exposure parameters, i) frequency of diaper use & ii) constituent transfer from diaper to skin from direct and indirect skin contact materials. This article uses published information and original studies to(More)
Diaper rash can adversely impact the barrier properties of skin, with potential implications for increased absorption of chemicals through the skin, and this should be accounted for in any exposure assessment used in the safety evaluation of consumer products used in the diaper ("nappy") area. In the absence of a quantitative evaluation of the potential(More)
Colors are frequently added to disposable diapers to enhance the diapering experience. The colors in the interior of diapers are composed of nonsensitizing pigments that are bound during the fiber-making process into the fibers of the nonwoven that covers the absorbent core materials. In the past, the use of color in diapers has been called into question(More)
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